Sunday, 6 May 2012

Bosch working on a 'sleep-o-meter' attention assist system

Traffic control organizations majorily National Highway Traffic Security Association (NHTSA) and the German federal office have been claiming that too many accidents are caused due to driver's fatique. While the NHTSA points out in a 2006 study that 20% of the accidents are caused by fatigue, the German office adds that the same phenomenon is the second biggest cause of accidents involving trucks.

The new system called as Drowsiness detection/sleep-o-meter are now getting developed by Bosch, aimed at make full utilization of these systems in lower end cars too. At present, these kind of systems are available but only in high-end cars. , "It can easily, and cheaply, be used to detect whether or not the driver is falling asleep, which would in turn increase road safety."

The Bosch ‘sleep-o-meter’ system takes into account the number of long pauses in the steering wheel movements and the sudden impulses that follow when the driver is sleepy. The system also monitors other aspects like speed, acceleration, throttle response etc. and will light up a coffee cup symbol on the instrumentation and / or make warning sounds to attract the driver’s attention.

No info on when the system will be developed but we expect the same to be introduced same in India very soon.


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