Thursday, 24 May 2012

Book a General Motors/Chevrolet Spark/beat and you could win assured gifts upto worth Rs. 2 Crore - Blockbuster Weekend

Seems like the after effects of Petrol hike have already started to be seen in the Indian market as the OEM's have already started to give huge take aways for the models sold in India. It was very eminent that since Petrol price hike has been there and some thing like a steep increase of  Rs 7.50, the auto makers will face the heat and will give additional discounts on its cars to add to the sales.

Chevrolet India has just announced that it will be giving huge take aways, worth upto Rs 2 Crore, if you book a Chevrolet Beat or a Chevrolet Spark this weekend, and GM India calls it as a Blockbuster Weekend.

Rush now to book a  Spark/Beat to get huge and attractive discounts.


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