Saturday, 28 April 2012

Volkswagen plans to launch CNG Variant of cars in India soon

Volkswagen India, after receiving a mandate from its European headquarters, called a meeting to look as to why the Sales of the car maker has decreased, a self introspection you may call. Mr. Neeraj Garg, Director for Passenger Car Sales in India said we need to look upon how many satisfied customers are we leaving, means the ratio of Satisfied Customers to Total Sales in India.

Meanwhile, the car maker also said while we have plans to launch more cars in India, as we have a broad base of cars in India though we still need to wait for a time to come where we get more clarity on policies of the Indian market. Along with the car maker also said, as of now we plan to launch CNG variants of cars in India, which would help us increase our Sales. Also he specifically mentioned we plan to launch CNG variants in our existing line up, we assume it will be launch in both its Polo as well as Vento as even the Maruti's SX4, competitor to Vento has a CNG variant.


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