Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Audi buys Ducati for $ 1.1 Billion - Images

The car giant from Germany, Audi has recently bought the Italy based motorcycle maker Ducati for 1.1 billion USD or 860 million Euros. With this move, the Volkswagen Group hopes to broaden its horizons in the auto world. The VW group already has a flourishing portfolio of brands spanning across cars, marine engines and trucks; with the acquisition of Ducati, the brand has entered the high performance motorcycle category. Does this acquisition have to do anything with the love of Volkswagen Head Ferdinand Piech for Ducati bikes? We never know! A few years back, the VW group lost an opportunity of acquiring Ducati when it was put out for auction but this time the remorseful head of the company seems to have jumped on the opportunity without any delay.

Click here for more Images of Audi+Ducati.


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