Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Superbus (developed by student Engineers) brake testing in Snow - Images & Video

The Superbus, the project of a series of university students in Delft, Holland, is so gloriously absurd it's surreal. It's a 49-foot-long public bus that's 5.6 feet high, runs on electricity, seats 23 passengers in individual captain's chairs, has 16 gullwing doors, is intended to go 155 miles per hour and, while it doesn't follow routes, will receive smartphone texts and pick you up at your location

The engineers say "Early February 2012 it had snowed in the Netherlands. This was an unique opportunity to test the vehicle in the snow. Apart from shooting the beautiful footage in the clip we could also test the ABS under the circumstances it is designed for".

Click below to see the entire video. Such kind of shots are not seen everyday.


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