Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Invisible Mercedes Fuel Cell Vehicle Concept on German Roads - Video

Imagine an invisible Car zooms past you on the roads, and you are just stunned. You are just able to see the Wheels of the car and the rest is covered with the LED's. The camera's were fitted on side of the cars which emits image to the car, ie. if you come in front of the car, the body of the car would act as an image and you would just be able to see the Wheels. The image emitted to the car thus appears on the LED's placed on body of the car.

The car maker did not wanted this to be made public before the launch and hence positioned it in this way to the public thereby solving the purpose of creating awareness without displaying it fully. The car maker also claims that this concept with emit 0.0 emissions and works on F-Cell Hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Click on the Video below to watch this amazing concept.


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