Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Daimler caught while removing negative content from own Wikipedia page ?

With all due respect, A question to all our readers: Where do you go when you need an answer for your query ? Probably most of you would answer, Internet and that too specifically Wikipedia. The question now is "Is Wikipedia an authentic source?"

As per the recent reports, on 22nd February 2012, an anonymous user with IP address removed the section entitled “Lobbying” from Daimler AG’s German Wikipedia. The IP address was later tracked to Daimler AG.  A Wikipedia user with the username “Inkowik” reinstated the section, in keeping with Wikipedia’s policy of not allowing interest groups to manipulate articles.

A Daimler spokesman is deflecting the incident by blaming it on employees, calling the actions "independent" and "private," insinuating that they were not part of an official directive from the company itself. His explanation was backed up by the fact that the same IP address also altered articles about “Muesli” and “Victoria of Sweden” at the same time.

Also, a couple of months ago, Daimler came under fire for disciplining employees who criticized the company's CEO Dieter Zetsche and Chancellor Angela Merkel on their Facebook profiles.


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