Thursday, 1 March 2012

After Chinese toys, mobiles and other products, its now time for electric Chinese Autos

Seeking to tap the big market for autorickshaws, the Shanghai-based company "Romai Electric Vehicles'' is coming up with electric tricycles which can be altered to autos by adding roof covers on its.

Priced between Rs 40,000 to Rs 50,000, electric-powered auto is said to be financially more viable than its petrol and diesel counterparts, a top company official said.

Mary, International Trade Department official of the Romai Electric Vehicle, was in Kochi, the commercial capital of the state, recently to test the product in Kerala roads.

"The company has 60 volt to 1000 watts tricycles for carrying passengers. We are planning to launch vehicles of 200 watts and more in the state," another company official said.

Around three containers of vehicles and spare parts would be transported from China before the launch, he added.

Stay tuned for more Information, however in the meantime click here to view unique Chinese version of Maruti 800.


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