Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Tata Motors confirms Tata Nano with 3 cylinder 800-900cc engine delivering 60-80bhp

Imagine a Tata Nano with a bigger engine. Donot imagine, this might be a reality soon. Tata Motors has finally got the catch of Nano's Sales actually getting Nanoed every month. We are sure there must be lots of brainstorming sessions on this one, lots of market surveys and finally Tata Motors are out with new strategy to boost Nano's Sales for the Indian market.

Apart from cosmetic changes, Tata Motors is planning more powerful engines to further enhance the appeal of the car. “We have variants coming out with a three-cylinder engine developing 60bhp or 80bhp and we will also give the Nano larger tyres and wheels,” says Ratan Tata, company chairman, whose brainchild the Nano is. However, the timeframe for these upgrades is not clear. Tata says, “They won’t be coming out very soon, but it’s in our interest to get them out as fast as possible.”

Tata Motors have finally thought of changing the image and branding of Tata Nano, the name now would no more be a synonym to the "Cheapest Car" or "Poor man's car". The car will be having larger tyres which will give this one a macho look. Imagine a bold colored Nano with Rail Roof and larger tyres just zooming across your Maruti 800 or Maruti Suzuki Alto or Hyundai Eon for that matter. Its afterall 800-900cc engine delivering 60-80 bhp power and an Alto delivers 47 bhp.

We will get in touch with Tata Motors officials more often to get more details on New Tata Nano for our readers. Stay tuned.


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