Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Official : Ford Mondeo/Focus to be launched in India in 2013 - Images/Video

The car in the pic is the new Ford Fusion which the Blue Oval showed at the 2012 Detroit Show. This car is identical to the new Mondeo, with the company intending to share as much as 80 per cent of the Fusion with the Mondeo. The merger of the two names is part of the One Ford global vehicle programme. This very car is part of Ford's launch plans for India, we expect the car to go on sale here towards the end of 2013 wearing the familiar Mondeo name. Ford will show the Mondeo later this year at the Paris show and in Europe, as per tradition, there will also be a hatchback version featuring styling from the four-door sedan and an estate version will also join the Mondeo line-up.

The latest model Fusion which is mainly designed for American customers has a venturesome design and has a lot of similarities with Jaguar and Aston Martin which are ex-Ford brands. Evos concept has made an influence in Fusion’s design which clearly evident from the first look itself. Fusion is a little bigger than the current version Mondeo with a large boot space. Front grille looks exactly similar to an Aston Martin and when comes to the rear part the tail lamps are a bit flattened which deliver a mature look and resembles an Audi.

Ford has already set Fusion for the making, in Mexico for North America and in the case of Mondeo they will chose one in Europe and the other in Asia. Since Mondeo is a global version, it’ll be available in India only after the full model range is being able to be obtained. In India, like the other international markets, Modeo will compete with Honda Accord and Toyota Camry which seems the price of Mondeo will be in between Rs.20-30 lakhs.

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