Friday, 24 February 2012

Honda releases Images of Honda CRV(European prototype) ahead of Geneva Motor Show

Honda released images of the European version of its new CR-V to be built at HUK, Swindon. It’s not any different than the American version, although the engine lineup will probably be, but compared to the old CR-V, it’s a whole lot different. It’s bigger, more aggressive, and on the whole sportier and more fun. The lower front bumper wraps smartly upward to convey SUV capability, while the lower front bumper design now integrates more smoothly into the fascia for improved aerodynamics.

The new CR-V also offers more space inside the cabin for passengers and their luggage. Honda has set its sights on the Kia Sportage then, a massively successful crossover by the Korean car maker.

Technical details are yet to be confirmed, but we’d expect the next CR-V to use a development of the current car’s four-wheel-drive system, which only sends power only to the rear wheels if they start to slip.

The new CR-V has a similar side window profile to the current car, but there’s a bolder look at the front and rear. The new CR-V has also grown slightly, so it should be more practical; rumours of a seven-seat version have yet to be confirmed.

See the new European Honda CR-V at Geneva on 6 March 2012.

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