Thursday, 9 February 2012

Hindustan Motors Ambassador is Penguin India's 25th Anniversary mascot - Images

Penguin India, country’s largest and very popular publishing house is celebrating its 25th anniversary and to mark the accomplishment, the brand has selected the iconic Indian car ambassador as its mascot. The very graceful car Ambassador is customized in a beautiful stripes pattern with the TWENTY5 logo placed at the sides. The lovely iconic vehicle significantly flaunts the joy of reading in a fine visualized designing with penguins crafted in the logo.

With paperbacks being fast replaced by digital copies and ebooks across the world, Penguin’s latest effort to hop on to the Ambassador to popularize reading amongst the Indian youth seems ironic as the Ambassador, though a legend in its own right, is on its way out with sales plummeting to new lows each passing month. That said, India continues to be the few markets in the world where paperbacks and print magazines still continue to sell briskly, with ebooks still not really making the cut in the country, with one of the highest youth population in the world.

This car has started its epic journey from the literary festival being held at Jaipur and is making its way to the capital. It is expected to make its presence felt at the world book fair on February 25. This customized Ambassador will travel across many other metro cities and meet many eminent authors and other important personalities who have made their contribution in this field.

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