Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Have you seen the Chinese version of three wheeled Maruti Suzuki 800 - Images

This is not the Maruti 800 in damaged condition, this is rather a Chinese version of Maruti 800. In China a company named Jinan Qingqi Motorcycle Corporation produced the three-wheeled version of the Alto (800 in India) briefly in the 90′s. The ‘Qingqi Alto Trycicle’ was manufactured with a 125cc, 12KW motorbike engine, CarNewsChina says, is “powerful enough to outrun a goat.” The central front wheel could not have grabbed more eyeballs than its 75-80k rupees starting price.

Sadly, Jinan Qingqi doesn’t make tricycle’s anymore. They seem to be a grwon-up company now making rather impressive motorcycle’s. The Qingqi Alto Trycicle will one die soon be gone from da streets completely, we believe it is our duty to keep it alive, at least a little bit.

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Source : CarNewChina.com


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