Sunday, 5 February 2012

2011 Suzuki Regina Global Small Concept Car Codenamed G70, Live Images from Tokyo Motor Show

Suzuki earlier unveiled the Global Small car Regina at 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. The Car maker has now renamed its code to G70, this could also be a good news for car lovers that this might confirm the launch of the car, or atleast the production version we could confirm at this point of time.

The Regina Concept comes with an 800cc turbocharged petrol engine coupled to a new CVT transmission. The car features regenerative braking and a stop/start system that, along with a curb weight of just 730 kg (1606 lbs), allows it to achieve a fuel-economy rating of 3.76 liters/100 km (75 mpg imperial).

The concept measures 3,500 mm long and 1,600 mm wide and features a new manufacturing process that reduces the number of parts needed and improves rigidity. The interior also features a sloped dashboard to allow more cabin space. At the time of Tokyo Motor Show, other small cars were also unveiled by Suzuki, Click here for more details.

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