Tuesday, 31 January 2012

VW Vento caught fire near Roopali restaurant, FC Road in Pune, car owner gets 60% burn injuries - Images

Volkswagen Vento caught fire today morning in Pune on FC road near Roopali restaurant. 40 year old Mr Kailash Suresh Gupta tried to start the vehicle when the car got into fire. Mr Gupta, who owns a grocery shop in Pune, was out exercising early Monday morning.

After doing some exercise, he thought of going to a nearby restaurant to have some food, and after having breakfast as soon as the owner ignited the engine, it set on fire. The 1.6L TDI engine is currently under investigation. The nearby people also said that the person could not come out of the car as the seat belt got struck however, the nearby passers broke the lock of the seat belt but till then all his clothes were burnt and he suffered 60% injuries.

Police officer who is looking into the matter, later reported, "Around 7.40 am, when he got into his car again and started it, the vehicle suddenly caught fire. Gupta was stuck inside the car. Alert citizens on the road broke the glass panes and pulled him out of the burning car, saving his life."

Mr Kailash Gupta's brother, Mr Rakesh Gupta who seemed to be furious with the freak Volkswagen Vento episode, stated, "We have been informed by company officials that company authorities from Germany will be flying in to India to ascertain what went wrong. Passers-by broke the glass to pull Gupta out from the burning car as he was trapped inside and was unable to get out."

The car has been sent for investigation with VW officials.

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