Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Volkswagen Up! GT gets green light/approval to be put into production

Volkswagen has confirmed that the small hatchback will be put into production, as confirmed by the company reports.

Unveiled as a show car alongside the production Up! at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year, the GT Up! is expected to get a three-cylinder turbo driving around 110 horsepower through a six-speed gearbox to the front wheels. That may be less than the 133 hp packaged by the Renaultsport Twingo, but could prove a feisty pocket rocket in its own right.

The car would be available at a starting price of apprx. Rs 3 Lakhs,would be placed below VW Polo, and would be VW's smallest car available in the market. Click here to watch our more stories on VW Up !


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