Sunday, 15 January 2012

Video : Dual Power Windows - This is what most of you would Love to have !!!

Even you must be pissed off with the way the traffic rules are, especially "No tinted glasses". The rule is difficult to follows especially in hot countries like UAE/India/Africa etc. especially when they have hot summers and that is the time where cops make money the most.

Here we are with one of the amazing video where in a car, it appears to be an AutoVAZ model has dual power windows fitted in its car. These are something which you would love to have in your car, which will ensure you to stay away from the cops and at the same time stay away from the hot hot weather. These dual power windows have two set of glasses in the window pane which have one set tinted with black and the other one within the permissible limits/clear.

Check out this interesting Video.



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