Tuesday, 3 January 2012

"Something new, something Q" is what Audi says to be at 2012 Auto Expo

All our readers knew that the new Audi S6 will be unveiled in the Indian market at the Upcoming 2012 Auto Expo at Hall no. 10.(Click here for details of all the cars launched with Hall number at Auto Expo). But, very few of us knew that an SUV version of Audi will also be unveiled at 2012 Auto Expo.

While interacting with senior officials of the Audi India, they revealed that "Something new, something Q" would be displayed at Auto Expo. Though, more details were not revealed about the car, but we assume it has to be an Audi Q3(with more probabilities) and there could also be a chance(though little) that Audi might unveil a car in competition to BMW Q1 by the name Audi Q1.

Though, we will have to wait for the actual event to start and get more updates and details on the launches. By the way, see you all there at 2012 Auto Expo. Audi India will be available at Hall no. 10. For other automakers and their presence at Expo 2012, Click here.


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