Saturday, 14 January 2012

Now you can also drive on F1 track at Buddh International Circuit by paying just Rs 15,000

It is rightly said what is the use of mouth watering dishes, if you don't have enough teeth to eat it. Similarly, it goes for the Buddh International Circuit which goes like this, What's the use of a World Class Formula 1 track at just few Kilometres your hometown when you cannot go and drive yourself at the race track.

Now, this dream of yours can come true, where you just have to pay Rs 15,000 and drive away the car you like at the Race track from 08:300 am to 05:00 pm on February 19. The total number of drivers that will be allowed on the track will be 50 with a contingency of ten or more.

Since it is just a day out at the tracks, you do not need to have a professional racing experience or a racing car to be there. All what you need to have is a 1000cc or above car, a valid Indian licence and Rs 15,000 to pay in as a fee and you could drive in at the Buddh International Circuit.

You just need "a valid driver's license, car registration papers and car insurance is a must. As is high risk motorsports insurance coverage for upto Rs 3 lakh, which can be purchased through Right Stuff for Rs 1,000. Other requirements include residence proof, a certified helmet and two passport sized photographs. Drivers are also liable to pay for any damage sustained to their cars or to the racetrack.  Cars would be required to have road worthy tyres (no racing slicks) with sufficient tread. The brakes plus the emergency brakes would have to be in working condition and the cars must have seatbelts and a towing eye.

20 slots have already been filled and that the registration fee will remain at the current level till January 20 after which it will increase to Rs 19,000. The final date for entries is February 10.


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