Wednesday, 4 January 2012

JBM acquires majority stake in Turin based design company, Tesco Go

Indian Auto Component maker, Jay Bharat Maruti Ltd., herein referred as JBM has disclosed yesterday that the company has acquired Turin based design and project consultancy company, Tesco Go. The amount as disclosed by a senior company official is INR 2 Billion.

TESCO GO was founded in 1968 as a provider of Engineering Services of excellence forItalian and international clients, from the world Automotive (cars, light commercial vehiclesand heavy), Aerospace and Transport in general (trains, subway, etc. ..)TESCO GO employs a staff of 220 employees and 100 permanent additional resources tocope with peaks of activity.

The Tesco Group Go is able to offer its customers a wide range of services from concept,to modeling physical and virtual, the CAD and CAE simulation, to prototyping and show-carup to the testing and all 'approval, all related to the constant production support and project management services to a high level.

Tesco Go offices are located in severalstrategic cities, for Tesco and for its customers at Stuttgart, Detroit, Belo Horizonte, Chennai,Pune and Shanghai.

As per the company's director, Mr. Nishant Arya the company was already eager to enter the railways and bus business but with the acquisition of this company, the company now plans to enter the aeroplane business too. The company also plans to open manufacturing plants outside India too in next few years. A decision on these is yet to be made.


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