Wednesday, 18 January 2012

First Lexus Superbowl ad to star 2013 Lexus GS - VIDEO

Lexus will run its first ever television spot during the Superbowl event XLVI on Feb. 5. Lexus will star its 2013 GS model. Lexus is providing a 15-second preview of the ad on its social media channels.

“This is a big year for Lexus as we introduce nine new or updated models, and the Super Bowl provides us with an equally big opportunity to reach a highly engaged audience of 50 million people,” stated Lexus vice president of marketing Brian Smith.

Lexus is also pitching a social media game called TweetDrive Engineered by Lexus. It is designed to give football fans a chance to test their knowledge by answering questions and accumulating “yardage” during the National Football League playoffs.

Watch the Video now.


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