Monday, 23 January 2012

F1 drivers Alonso and Massa reach snowy mountains with their Ferrari FF - Images &Video

The two Scuderia Ferrari drivers, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa went head to head through the gates at the wheel of two FFs, the revolutionary four seater, four wheel drive Prancing Horse car. In their hands, the latest Ferrari proved to be very entertaining on demanding hills both up and down, as well as in endless changes of direction laid out on the downhill slalom course.

Before you get too excited, there aren't a bunch of high-speed snow drifts as we expected, and the low-speed race ends in a virtual tie. Both Alonso and Massa enjoyed the experience, no doubt a relief to the party sponsor.

“It's incredible how easy it is to drive the FF even on such a demanding surface,” Alonso said, “and at the same time, how high a performance level you can reach in it.

Watch out the video below for more details


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