Monday, 2 January 2012

Watch Video of Car Seat with Butt Recognition technology as a Security device, will you use it ?

Remember when you thought that technology that recognized your finger print to open a car door or start your car was cool? How awesome would technology that started your car based on your butt be?

Japanese auto technicians are busy trying to perfect a marvelous new car seat that will deter thieves using the magic of ass-recognition technology. The car seat will measure your unique butt pressure, approve your booty's authenticity, and subsequently allow you to start the car. The seat is comprised of a system of 360 separate sensors, which measure pressure. Those sensors communicate with a laptop to put together a precise map of the seated person. The researchers say the seat can correctly identify people with 98% accuracy.

The team is hoping to work with Japanese car manufacturers to implement the system as an added security measure, possibly in 2014. Watch the Video for more Information


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