Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Bajaj's Ultra Low Cost Car ( ULCC ) RE60 in alliance with Renault, Nissan - More details, images, Reviews and Videos

If you have got a sneak peak of the Bajaj's new small car, RE 60 it is quite possible that the first word from your mouth would have been "Its a three-wheeler", "its not a car", "its too small".....or something on similar lines. But Mr. Rajeev Bajaj, MD of Bajaj India doesnot disagrees to this statement. In fact he himself says they have never been in fa favour of a car, and hence the brand RE 60 (RE denotes their Commercial vehicle brand and 60 is the carbon dioxide emission per km).

Mr. Bajaj is actually trying to capture the small commercial vehicle market of India and even abroad. Mr. Bajaj says we already have enough three-wheelers in Sri Lanka too and this could be a better means of transport.


Mr. Bajaj says three-wheelers dont have a seat belt but RE 60 has. Three wheelers dont have a covering door and are more prone to accidents whereas RE 60 doesnot. Three wheelers does not have a hard top and a hard back whereas RE 60 on these grounds resemble a car, ie has a hard back and hard top. Moreover, the body is seven times more rigid than a three-wheeler.


Mr. Bajaj says we expect this vehicle to price between rs 1.5-1.75 Lac


Mr. Bajaj says they have not even seen the car as of now and will first see the car during the upcoming 2012 Auto Expo.  We will then talk about collaboration and how and on what fronts can we both collaborate. As per the initial agreement, the car was to be designed by Bajaj but will be sold under a common badge shared with Renault Nissan.


This is the first vehicle launch when the company did not allowed any body to sit inside the vehicle. But let us tell us this is a Cost Saving vehicle. It looks more like a bare bone structure without much muscles. The car has a central console on the center of the dashboard with gear box also mounted on the dash board. The vehicle looks low market, however can be attractively seen by the three wheeler owners due to better looks as compared to three wheelers and more colors option which can make this vehicle an attractive option.


Mr. Rajiv Bajaj told Team Wheel-O-Mania  RE 60 is a 200 cc water cooled DTSi technology which is twin spark technology commonly used by Bajaj and the similar technology will be used for RE 60 too. The car will deliver a mileage of 40 kmpl whereas we can expect the city running mileage to be 35 kmpl. The car, Mr. Bajaj explains is a light weight car and diesel does not runs efficiently on light weight vehicles, hence a Diesel variant of the small car is not seen in near future however, the car will run with Petrol, CNG & LPG options.

Watch the accompanying Video review of Bajaj RE 60 as well as Tata Nano.

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