Friday, 2 December 2011

VW US plant receives top green rating, receives Platinum award

Volkswagen AG, the German car maker is working too hard to strive to achieve its target of being number one car maker by 2018. The car maker not only is working upon making environment friendly cars but also working on building environment friendly factories across the globe.

One such initiative was recognized and appreciated in its United States factory by US Green Building Council. The factory at Chattanooga, Tenn. Has adopted several sophisticated technology as well as measures to conserve energy and water. One such example is when the car maker collects the rain water collected on the roof to cool welding equipment and flush its toilets across the factory. Similarly, many measures have been taken to conserve water and energy in the plant. The company received a Platinum leadership award.

General Motors Co. has the next-highest-rated auto factory, the gold-certified Lansing Delta Township plant that opened five years ago. The Green Building Council based in Washington, D.C., rates structures based on their environmental impact and other criteria such as energy and water consumption, use of raw materials and recycling rates.


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