Thursday, 1 December 2011

Toyota Fun Vii showcased at 2011 Tokyo Motor Show

Toyota’s concept car new Fun Vii is a rolling work of art and is displayed at 2011 Tokyo Motor Show

This three-seat wedge uses the connectivity of the next generation of mobile telephone to connect to the internet. Controlled by the latest in capacitance-screen technology, with flexible organic light emitting diode screens as body sides, this car can be unlocked with a simple hand gesture and will display pictures downloaded from the phone on its body sides.

Looking more like a touchscreen smartphone than a car, the Fun-Vii is sheathed in an active material that can change its color or graphics instantly. The company touts it as the ultimate in customization, allowing a driver to put any number of messages or gorgeous layouts on the side of their ride. Toyota envisions the Fun-Vii concept being used not only by regular drivers, but also businesses who want eye-catching advertising that can be switched on the fly.

Talking about a concept that’s built specifically for the future, the Toyota Fun-Vii Concept fits all that to a tee. It’s like an extremely smart computer on wheels.


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