Thursday, 29 December 2011

Our avid reader Shrenik Surana asks about performance of 1.6 L Petrol AT, suggest him !!!

Our reader Shrenik Surana has recently booked his Skoda Rapid 1.6 L Petrol Automatic Transmission but is still not sure about the performance of the car. He feels that the car is a little sluggish as compared to the manual Transmission mode.

What do you guys suggest to him, should he switch on the Manual Transmission mode or he should stick to the Skoda Rapid Automatic Transmission.

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Well, i think German's are the masters of Automatic Transmission, i guess they were the ones to launch it, as per me it wud be the best.

Skoda Raoid has Tiptronic, one of its Kinds AT, Shrenik stay with the AT only. Skoda has a patent over it.

stay with automatic transmission only

i have read reviews online that claim that Skoda Rapid's Petrol AT is a little sluggish was concerned about it...on the whole i like the car just this part makes me think...shud i change to manual??

@ Shrenik : We would still suggest you to stick to AT.

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