Monday, 26 December 2011

New improved Toyota Innova unveiled

Toyota Kirloskar Motors has finally unveiled the much awaited Improved Innova.The Toyota Innova once upon a time when firstly launched in Innova was a difficult to digest kind of a vehicle for all the car lovers because of its van like shape and almond shaped front lamps. However, the perception of everybody changed when people actually went inside the car and drove it. It was a complete change of perception and was a pleasure for people to drive because of its ride and handling quality.

Toyota has maintained the standards of its ride and handling qualities but has made the car look more upmarket with little tweaks on inside and outside of the car. On the Outside, the car has more rectangular front lamps and clear lensed tail lamps which make it look more upmarket. The front grill is more wider and resembles that of its Camry Sedan. The side profile is more or less similar to the previous one.

However, on the Interiors the car has included the integrated touch system similar to that in Toyota Fortuner. The ride quality and rest of the interiors remains the same which are already of the good quality.

For More details on New Improved Innova, Click here


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