Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Maruti Suzuki to unveil Compact SUV Concept at 2012 Auto Expo : Hints at Jimny/Gypsy successor ?

Maruti Suzuki wants to prove that it will not sit quite and will roar back at everybody who dares to challenge the car maker atleast in Indian market where Maruti Suzuki maintains a majority market share.

It is no doubt the trend of Compact SUV's where in Mahindra's upcoming Xylo, Ford's Ecosport and Premier Rio are some of the Compact SUV's which are slated for a launch/facelift during the 2012 Auto Expo. However, Maruti Suzuki has proved that the car maker too has the capability at its home town, Suzuki and hence the concept of the Compact SUV will be unveiled at 2012 Auto Expo. The hints have been thrown at its website, Maruti Suzuki.

The Concept sports individual rectangular grilles stacked together along with robot-eyed lamps. Teaser images of its Star-shaped alloys and L-Shaped tail lights are also part of the flash slideshow.

The SUV could act as the successor to the famous Jimny/Gypsy as the grille is reminiscent of the current model. Besides Gypsy/Jimny, there are no compact SUVs in its range. Leveraging on the Gypsy’s reliability and cult status is the best possible move Maruti can make with the production version. We guess the product will be ready by Auto Expo 2014.

Let us wait for the first details which are just a couple of days far from us.


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