Thursday, 1 December 2011

Maruti Suzuki November 2011 Sales at 91,772 Units

Maruti Suzuki Sales for the month of November 2011 are out now and the volumes come out to 91,772 units. The car maker has posted good numbers in the month of November 2011 despite the launch of its deadliest competitor Hyundai Eon.

Yes, you have not mistaken by reading the above para that “Maruti have posted good Sales numbers in November 2011”. Let us together go step by step to come to the conclusion.

Looking at the overall drop in Sales units since the beginning of this year due to external uncontrollable factors like Increase in fuel prices and sudden spurt in Interest rates leading to the deferring of consumer’s decision to purchase cars. Adding to the burden for Maruti Suzuki is the launch of its much anticipated “Deadliest” competitor Hyundai Eon.

Despite the above mentioned factors, the car maker has posted the Second highest sales since the beginning of this financial year and perhaps the highest since June 2011. Now, coming on to the increase/decrease vis-a-vis previous months, the car maker no doubt has posted 18 percent drop in number of Car Sales when compared to same month previous year. But, this year has all together been a different ball game. The carmaker, has posted 65% increase in sales if compared to last month of same financial year.

Thus, there is a volume growth for the company and with all other auto makers posting higher sales, we can see the Industry gaining the momentum and could see the carmaker back on track may be in another two months, with substantial contribution after Auto Expo 2012.


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