Thursday, 1 December 2011

Honda N BOX 600 cc car displayed at 2011 Tokyo Motor Show

Honda has displayed its 600cc cars at 2011 Tokyo Motor show. This is the next level of Honda EV-N displayed at 2009 Tokyo Motor Show.

Honda N BOX is said to be a mini-van and if we believe Honda Officials this is the most spacious cars in its segment and comes with a navigational system and start stop system.

The 2012 Honda N BOX will be officially launched in Japan on December 16 and the starting price has been set at 11.340 EUR or 15.118 USD.

“Honda, which has great experience in producing minivans, developed the N BOX with the goal of creating a ‘mini-minivan’, condensing the attractiveness and values of a minivan into a mini vehicle. Featuring an innovative platform, the N BPX realizes spaciousness, comfort and economic efficiency beyond the concept of a mini vehicle”, as the Japanese based automaker says in its official press release.


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