Saturday, 24 December 2011

Honda Motors plans to make lighter vehicles

According to a report by Nikkei, Honda Motors has decided to reduce the weight of its vehicles by using lighter materials in its cars so as to deliver fuel efficient vehicles, thus making the company more competitive in the auto space.

Almost every car maker from BMW to Maruti Suzuki has been on a drive to lose weight of its cars by using lighter vehicles. This has further been strengthened by ARAI consistently coming up with a policy of car makers to specify the fuel efficiency on its cars thereby making the purchase decision easier for the buyers.

Some of Honda's new manufacturing methods involve welding outer panels to the frame, rather than assembling the ceiling, side and other panels, to reduce the use of bolts and reinforcing materials, the Japanese newspaper said.

Honda modified one of the two production lines that assemble the N Box at its Suzuka plant in Mie Prefecture, the Nikkei said. The move will help make the N Box 10 percent lighter and lower manufacturing costs, the paper added.


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