Sunday, 25 December 2011

Fastest Bike on earth comes to Mumbai during a Drag Race event by Gulf Oil - Images & Video

The excitement among bike lovers in India has reached its peak with the Gulf Top Fuel Drag Racing Bike, deemed as the fastest moving vehicle on two-wheels in the world, coming to Mumbai for thrilling lovers of motor sports. Packed with 1,500Hp inside its engine, this bike takes less than 6 seconds to reach its peak speed of 402.8kmph, from a standing position. The bike is even faster than the cars on the Formula I circuit and can outpace even an F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter jet. Amazing technology goes into the design of this 6m long bike, which is a creation of PUMA Engineering. The bike uses a highly charged nitro methane fuel engine. Its maker has the reputation of producing the most power packed engines of the world aided by the most advanced engine oil Gulf Pride 4T Plus 20W40.

Gulf Lubes President and CEO, Ravi Chawla has said that Gulf continued its role of being an active patron of motor sports in the country and had been working at encouraging young talents at grassroots level. With the fan following for motor sports increasing in India, it is being expected that this sporting event will soon enjoy a mass following. This Gulf Bike has the aim of introducing the concept of Gulf Drag Racing to Indians, something which is at a very nascent stage in this country. One can only believe the power, speed and size of this bike, only if he has experienced it.

Along with the bike, Gulf has invited Ian King to India to ride this bike. Ian King is the Co-owner of PUMA Engineering, Five-time European Drag Bike Racing Champion, and is currently ranked No. 3 in the world. Chawla adds, “Ian King is the Valentino Rossi of Drag Bike Racing, he is a legend being the most successful drag racer in the world. We are confident that he will inspire the Indian motor sport enthusiasts as he has inspired racing enthusiasts across the world.”


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