Thursday, 29 December 2011

China unveils world's fastest high speed/Bullet trains capable of reaching 500kmph (310 miles)

China has unveiled the fastest Bullet trains capable of reaching 500 kilometres (310 miles) an hour. The launch is a part of China’s ambitious trillion dollar project to build over 13000 kms of high-speed rail network by 2012.

The train resembles the look of an ancient Chinese sword and is made of plastic materials reinforced with carbon fiber. It has 6 cars with a overall tractive power of 22800 kW. The project is similar to ongoing maglev project by Southwest Jiaotong University. The new launch is significant on the backdrop of recent train accidents in China. In July this year, two high-speed train accident near Wenzhou, killed 40 people. The major issue China faces with the tracks is the use of sub-standard quality material being used in construction. It lead to the Chinese rail authorities having to drop the train speeds to 186 mph from proposed 218 mph.

While China has several other high-speed trains in operation, including monorails traveling at more than 265 mph, this new train is the first that has been entirely developed and built in China by state-owned train maker CSR Corp. Ltd, China's Largest train maker.


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