Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Workers at Hyundai Motors India Limited threaten to strike

Workers at Hyundai manufacturing plant have been motivated by the current strike at Maruti Suzuki India plant to form a new union at its current operating plant.

Hyundai Motor India Employees Union (HMIEU), like the Maruti Suzuki Manesar plant union which is not recognised by the management, is insisting that the workers, who have not been taken back under a tripartite agreement signed in December last year, must be reinstated.

In December last year, the company management, HMIEU and Tamil Nadu Labour commissionerate had signed a tripartite agreement and the company reinstated 14 employees out of 32 workers, who were dismissed during a three-day long stir at the plant in June. The remaining workers who were "found guilty of major offences" during the strike were asked to seek legal recourse. 

The workers have now demanded the reinstatement of 18 sacked colleagues else the production at the plant will be hit through the strike route.


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