Tuesday, 22 November 2011

OICA appoints Mr. Sandilya, President of SIAM as a permanent council member

The Indian Automobile Industry is growing in a big way and is now being recognized across the world. The proof comes here when OICA (Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d' Automobiles), has appointed Mr S. Sandilya as a permanent council member. Mr Sandilya is the President of Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers' (SIAM) and Chairman of truck, bus and tractor maker, Eicher Motors.

The OICA Council (or Board of Directors) is chaired by the OICA President Mr Patrick Blain.

Mr Sandilya said, “Inclusion of SIAM in the council as a permanent member reflects the importance the global automotive industry is giving to India and recognises the active contribution in the global auto industry body. As a council member, this will help us in highlighting the efforts that Indian auto industry is making to sustain itself even when most of the auto markets around the globe are going through a rough patch.”


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