Saturday, 5 November 2011

Nissan’s Infiniti to have its global headquarters in Hong Kong [Video]

Luxury carmaker Infiniti made its mark by finding success in the competitive US market, but its roots are in Japan with parent company Nissan. Infiniti has announced this week that it will base its global operations in Hong Kong, representing a gateway to China, where the marque expects to find a big chunk of its forecast 500,000 annual sales.

Infiniti, which is not sold as a separate brand in Japan, is currently run out of Nissan's worldwide office in Yokohama, Japan. Cleaving off some operations is also expected to help establish the brand as a separate, upscale entity from the mass-market Nissan products.

As explained by Nissan executive vice president, Andy Palmer, starting April 1, 2012, Nissan will establish a regional hub in Hong Kong, and among the functions based there will be the Infiniti global headquarters. Palmer does go on to explain that engineering, manufacturing and marketing will continue to be based in Japan and other locations.

News Source : NissanGlobal


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