Monday, 14 November 2011

Nissan launches 1.6 Liter sporty Micra in Brazil - India could be next one

Nissan has launched 1.6 Liter Sporty Micra variant in Brazil market. This is similar to what Volkswagen Polo did in the Indian market. VW Polo too introduced a 1.2 Liter as well as 1.6 Liter variant of its hatchback Polo for the Indian masses.

This is done anticipating the need of emerging markets like India, Brazil, China etc. as these markets have people who have huge buying capacity but the constraint is space on the roads. Hence, people prefer a hatchback in these markets with a bigger engine. Hence, 1.6 Liter is the answer to it.

Brazil market is similar to the Indian market and hence 1.6 Micra is the answer to the market needs. The car achieves a maximum speed of 190 kmph and delivers a power of 111 bhp. Nissan recently updated the car with a powerful horn, rear head rests and pure drive badges. Will this one also be launched in Indian market too ?


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