Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Maruti Suzuki paid Shiv Kumar & Sonu Gujjar Rs 1 crore each, allege workers

Workers believe that both Kumar and Gujjar were given Rs 1 crore each and that the Haryana government has promised them flats and cars in Delhi unlike to figures of Rs 16 lac and Rs 40 Lac which were floating in the media.

They are also alleging that twenty-eight other workers who have resigned have been given Rs 20 lakh each. These allegations could not however, be independently confirmed and both Maruti as well as the leaders have denied it.

Rishi Pal, one of the suspended workers, said he resigned and received a cheque for Rs 16 lakh. Pal said he and others were left with little option but to resign, especially after it emerged that Gujjar and Kumar had left the company.

Pal said the workers had been indicted in an internal inquiry conducted by the company and had decided to leave with payouts. "The company has offered us the negotiated amount which is our severance package in lieu of resignation from services," Pal said.

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