Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Maruti suzuki develops customised school vans with Mahalaxmi Auto of Pune

Maruti Suzuki unveiled its new range of EECo and Maruti Vans in CNG and LPG variants in association with Mahalaxmi Automotive, one of its Pune dealers to adhere to guidelines of the Maharashtra Motor Vehicles (School Bus Regulation) Act, 2011 and were launched in the city on Sunday. A total of 18 Maruti Omni school vans were delivered to various individuals who are in the business of transportation of school children.

The vans are specifically developed for school van buyers and all facilities including loans, easy financing would also be provided. This is an initiative started for Pune but would soon be standardized across the country. Such vehicles will be very relevant for smaller cities where buses and auto rickshaws are used for school transport.

Some of the salient features of these OMNI and EECO school vans include seat belts, hangers to hold, safety grills, speed governor, first aid box and fire extinguisher. The prices of these vans would start from Rs 3.25 Lac


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