Friday, 4 November 2011

Maruti strike: Trade union leader Sonu Gujjar quits with Rs 40 lakh payout

The Maruti strike is over, is it?

The answer is Yes, officially the Maruti Suzuki India strike is over and the company is all again back to its normal routine in making strategies to ramp up the production, gain back market share, deliver the vehicles on time and ofcourse Gujarat strategy.

But does anybody knows what’s happening in Maruti’s Manesar factory. It recently came to light that of 30 workers who were suspended during the ongoing strike including the two leaders Sonu Gujjar and Shiv Kumar had quit the company taking home Rs 16 lakh and Rs 40 lakh respectively.

Rishi Pal, one of the suspended workers, said he resigned on Wednesday and received a cheque for Rs 16 lakh. Pal said he and others were left with little option but to resign, especially after it emerged that Gujjar and Kumar had left the company. "At the time of the (strike) settlement, the 30 of us had decided we would stick together whatever the consequences. When Sonu and Shiv resigned despite our reservations, we also followed suit," Pal said.

Both the leaders are unavailable now and could not be reached. 

"Some of our workers went to Gujjar's house and found it locked," said a trade union leader close to the recent labour movement at Maruti and its allied plants such as Suzuki Powertrain India. "All his mobile phones are switched off,"  Pal said.Some workers say that Sonu Gujjar met another worker, Mukesh Kumar few days back and told him that he has resigned on 22 October.  "But if any monetary transaction is proven, then we will file a criminal case against him and Gujjar," said Mukesh Kumar, who has worked at the Manesar plant for the past four years. The quiet exit of these 30 workers has left other workers shellshocked, especially since they had forfeited wages for at least 74 days during the 59 days of strike since June.


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