Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Kia to enter Indian market ? Kia Picanto/Morning seen testing around in Chennai.

General Motors have been working with SAIC, their Chinese partner for the development of CN100 Van for the Indian market. Similarly, Volkswagen have also worked simultaneously with other partners of the VW group to launch new vehicles for the Indian market.  The case of Renault and  Nissan collaboration is also well known by all of you. The ultimate objective of this collaborations is to have a larger market share indirectly.

Hyundai already has a pretty decent market share in the Indian market, but who does not wants to  be numero uno. Hyundai’s Korean partner Kia Motors has been very popular in the Korean and other global markets though not very much popular in the Indian automotive landscape.

Very recently, Kia’s hatchback Picanto, popularly known as Morning in Korea was spotted testing on the Chennai roads. This increases our work, in the sense we now will have to plan our visit to Hyundai Motor India’s headquarters to have more details on the Hyundai Kia establishment or collaboration for the Indian market. But as of now, the testing of the car on the Indian roads does makes us speculate that the car maker might be having some serious plans to be in India. And if so happens, it is not vague to predict that Hyundai will replace Maruti Suzuki India Limited as the biggest carmaker for the Indian market. 

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