Sunday, 20 November 2011

Indian Automobile Industry needs Swift growth along with Rapid Support

Almost every week a new car launch !!!

Almost every existing car manufacturer eager to expand and invest !!!

Almost every International Car Manufacturer eager to step into India !!!

Almost every investor eager to invest in Auto Sector for long term gains !!!

Almost every technology has been or is on its way to be introduced to the Indian market !!!

Almost every new car launch across the globe heads to Indian market with some of them get firstly launched in India !!!

The worrrld is looking at India, but I just wonder what is "India" doing ? While refering to "India" here, I point towards the Indian government. I point towards our honorable Chief Ministers, Mr. Narendra Modi who is very frequent to meet the senior officials of big Car Manufacturers like Maruti Suzuki, Ford, Tata and even GM now. I point towards Mr. Bhupendra Singh Hooda who says "Haryana and Maruti are synonyms".

But if I ask our honorable Chief Ministers, is the support provided initially for setting up the base in THEIR OWN STATE, thus contributing to the revenues of the state ? Where is your responsibility for doing something for the country, you will ask how !!! I will tell you.

Why don't you grant incentives or packages in the name of Green Vehicle research, which is the future of automobile Industry ? Why don't you provide some Incentives for the R&D research for more safe technologies ? Recently, many European countries government have provided billions of dollars only for the research of Green Technology. This is the reason why Electric Cars have been brought to many countries but not to India. All our present players in India including Suzuki, Toyota, Renault Nissan, GM, PSA have cars enabled with Green technology. I would just take a little support from our government to these car makers for the introduction of those technologies to India which is ultimately for the benefit for the country.

The Car Industry no doubt is growing at a Swift pace with new launches happening very frequently, but we now need Rapid Support from government to initiate the rounds of discussions with these car makers to enable them to introduce more green technologies in India.

Looking from Government's perspective, now that we have got too much respect from the reknowned Automobile majors across the world, with every Global Car Launch has India's name in their priority list. Now, even the Global Car launches are firstly happening in India and later to the world. The recent example being the Launch of Skoda Rapid which launched in the Indian market on 16th November. The car maker while a promotion campaign in Mumbai had articles around which read "A world class car from every one is thoughtful. Launching first in India is simply clever and thus living upto Skoda's tagline. Now that car makers are giving us a lot, its our turn now, we must provide them the support and that too Rapidly to have an ever lasting relationship with them and to live upto our target of Vision 2020 to be the third largest market in the world.


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