Monday, 14 November 2011

Hyundai to launch sub 4 meter SUV for the Indian market

We must say Hyundai is too serious for its competition in the Indian market. Hyundai India has placed its foot in almost every segment of the passenger car and has been successful wherever it has been. Very Recently, Hyundai entered the entry level segment for the Indian car market, the segment which has never been touched by any other car maker baring Maruti Suzuki which launched the Maruti 800 in 1980’s and became undisputed leader in the Indian market.

Now it has been in reports that Hyundai India is entering in the small SUV market, which has been the latest buzz in the growing Indian Passenger car market. Mahindra was the first carmaker in India to disclose its plan to launch a sub 4 meter SUV for the Indian market currently called as Compact SUV.
Also, Ford disclosed its plans for launching small SUV based on its Ford Fiesta sedan, which means at the price of a hatchback you can get an SUV.

Hyundai could do this by launching the small car Veloster with an SUV like effect. Here are the images of Hyundai Veloster.


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