Saturday, 5 November 2011

Hyundai Motors to go on diet, slash weight of their cars

Hyundai Motors is also following the trend and has now decided to go on a diet. Hyundai Motors will now start producing its own alloy wheels with Vanadium alloy to reduce the weight of alloy wheels but with improved finish.

The aim of the vehicle maker is to cut down on the weight of the car but to improve on the looks of the car. The goal is to reduce weight by 10% by 2015 and in so doing, make its vehicles more fuel efficient and more attractive to buyers fretting about high fuel prices. Hyundai believes it will also gain a speed advantage in manufacturing by tailoring specialist steels for its own designs, breaking its dependence on traditional suppliers such as Japan’s Nippon Steel and South Korea's POSCO.

Mr. Cho Won  says "Every major automobile manufacturer wants to have steel making in house, but the investment is just too huge. Nobody else out there can decide to invest that amount, but Hyundai made the decision to enhance quality."


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