Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Honda recalls 936,000 Fit and CR-V and 26,000 CR-Z vehicles globally

Honda recalls 936,000 Fit and CR-V units across the globe for replacement of master electrical switch for power windows that could allow residue from window cleaners to accumulate while cleaning the car and could slowly lead to cause fire in the car. Honda has so far received complaints from 5 vehicles.

In another incident, Honda has recalled 26,000 CR-Z compact hybrid vehicles for a software glitch affecting the transmission in the CR-Z. With this recall, a “software bug could allow the motor, under some conditions, to rotate in the opposite direction from the transmission's gear -- allowing the car to, for example, roll backwards when the transmission is in forward gear.

Till now no case of injury of any kind has been reported.

Source : CNN Money


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