Thursday, 3 November 2011

Hindustan Motors to launch Hindustan Porter, so called New Ambassador with a tagline “economy matched with efficiency”

Hindustan Motors is working hard on revamping the old looking Ambassador into something classy, cheesy and something that could attract new generation. The combination of space and looks is what Hindustan Motors is betting upon.

In a paper cutting released by Hindustan Motors, the company has given a teaser sort of preview of its to be launched Ambassador for the Indian market. Hindustan Motors calls its Porter, a vehicle which apart from being a goods carrier can also carry more people at the same time, which in one word means “More Space”.
The new ambassador is expected to have a seating capacity of around 8-10 people in one go. As we are seeing the trend of Compact vehicles these days, anticipating the launch of Compact Xylo or Mini Fiesta, based on the similar lines Hindustan Motors is launching Hindustan Porter – economy matched with efficiency.

As we can see in its cutting, it says maximum efficiency with more seating capacity. It also says it will be priced Rs 70,000 cheaper as compared to current vehicles. We expect the price to be around Rs 3.5-Rs 4.5 Lac. The car would be launched with a Diesel variant hence would be cheaper to drive too.

Stay tuned for more information on Hindustan Porter.

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