Tuesday, 15 November 2011

General Motors India confirms the launch of Chevrolet Beat Electric Vehicle(BEV) for Indian market

Karl Slym, MD & President of GM India has officially confirmed the launch of Chevrolet Beat Electric Vehicle (BEV) for the Indian market.  The statement was made before it was said that Mr. Lowell Paddock will now head the position of MD & President, GM India from now onwards whereas Karl Slym will head to Chinese market for bigger responsibilities.

The company said that BEV will be based on similar dimensions as the existing petrol and diesel variants.  However, the additional weight of the battery which is approximately 270 kgs and under full charge can run 130km under normal driving conditions. The Beat BEV is powered by a 300 cell lithium-ion battery that has a total energy capacity of about 20 kWh. . The liquid-cooled battery can be operated at temperatures ranging from -20°C to 45°C. The battery can be charged from 240V domestic electrical sockets. The car also has a regenerative charging system, which harnesses energy during braking and charges the battery.
Mr. Slym added "It is to be noted that the 2,000 engineers in the technical centre in Bangalore are involved in this design. However, the Beat BEV car is just at the demo stage and no time or goal has been set for production,"
The car as per our enquiries with General Motors India will be completed by 2013 however, the company officials say the exact time slated for the launch will be decided based on market condition, this being one of the crucial launch of GM India’s “tailored for India” strategy.


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