Saturday, 26 November 2011

Ferrari announces Club for VIP Customers

Ferrari plans to create one of the world's most exclusive collector car clubs, according to reports.

The brand is looking to create a new group of its most elite customers who will be offered the best opportunities to get their hands on limited-edition models. Clients who own at least five Ferraris will have exclusive access to limited-edition models. And unlike the existing owners' club, according to Ferrari, there are only about 300 collectors around the world that own more than five Ferrari models and would qualify for this exclusive distinction.

The move could leave existing Ferrari aficionados around the world feeling a little short-changed -- the cache of being a part of the Ferrari Owners' Club, which has some 13,000 members, may take a dent compared to being a member of the new 'superclub'.

To ease the pain, the brand plans to set up an annual driving and sightseeing event around Italy from next spring, inviting a limited number of Ferrari owners to drive their cars through the country that inspired them.


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