Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Dr. Vijay Mallya proudly speaks on First ever F1 Indian GP - says, he purposefully kept name Force India[Video]

Dr. Vijay Mallya must be the proudest man in India for, the Formula 1 came to Indian grounds. Yes, India organized the first ever Formula 1 Race.

Mr. Mallya speaks on the event and says "I brought the first ever Formula 1 Car to India around 30 years ago and drove it in Chennai racing track". Not just this, he also says "I am the first ever Indian who bought Spyker team in 2007 and purposefully named it to Force India".

Mr. Mallya says he purposefully kept the name "Force India" because he knew that India has now reached at such a stage, economically and socially that we can now organize a F 1 race in India, the only thing left was to find a promoter in India, and finally we got Jaypee Sports and today we, all Indians are proud that India has conducted the first ever Formula 1 Race"

Jump to watch the Video.


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